1. this is awkward and kind of gross

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  2. im gonna liveblog on here I guess

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  3. I really want to cosplay this year and I think I might cosplay Hizdahr. I have some ideas for it that hopefully won’t be too complicated.

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  4. Remember when I said I was going to post more on this blog?

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  5. brainstatic:

    I think Steven Moffat believes that one day the Doctor will come for him and whisk him away to the Musee d’Orsay in the year 2112. And he’ll stand in the middle of the Moffat exhibit and weep as an elder British man will talk about how he was the greatest human who ever lived.

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  7. lady-voldything:

Mwah - by lady-voldything.


    Mwah - by lady-voldything.

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  8. Ian McElhinney is returning for season 3 according to WinterIsComing. I don’t know if there’s been any official announcements or anything, but they’re usually right. Hopefully it’s true!

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  9. Game of Thrones meme Two Outfits: Daario Naharis & Ramsay Bolton

    Game of Thrones meme Two Outfits: Daario Naharis & Ramsay Bolton

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  10. I really want Dany to have the dragon crown that she got in Qarth.

    I put my faith in Michele Clapton.

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